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About Marcella Martyn

Reviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

Western Europe saw an amazing increase in knowledge, technology and social improvement in the nearly 200 years that marked the Age of Enlightenment (1620–1780). A new and more involved Age of Enlightenment is approaching, according to the spirit messages recorded by Marcella Martyn in New Ages and Other Wonders. Channeling and writing down the wisdom of angels, spirit guides, and other spiritual guardians in a process known as ‘automatic writing’ brings messages for the enlightenment of those willing to listen as the world as we know it is readying itself for momentous changes. According to these guides, mankind will advance to a point of higher consciousness, coming closer to the universal truth of All That Is. Each reading addresses a specific concept to explain the process and provide guidance for anyone who seeks the truth to identify the path. 

New Ages and Other Wonders by Marcella Martyn presents a view of the New Age in a highly spiritual, open and loving format. Love, peace and unity becoming the norm is the expectation of the spirit guides represented in this book. Embracing beauty, harmony and love is the key to successfully moving on and the encouragement offered by Marcella Martyn is warm and supportive as she shares her unique ability for the good of all. The thoughts flow smoothly and clearly, and are presented in such a way that it is easy to form an overall impression or to study specific concepts in depth. With no particular point of view or religious leaning, this text is simply designed to ease the reader into a new type of thought process leading to universal unity.

Marcella Martyn is an author, channel medium, and a Reiki Master/Teacher. She channels spirit through automatic writing for spiritual growth. 

She lives on the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado, near her beloved daughter and grandson.