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This Month's New Channel

 I am here. I am called Isahal. It is good to speak with you once again, my dear one. I have been called to speak with you with a message for those who wait for the grand changes that are occurring in that place.

I understand that many are awake and have remembered who they truly are and grow impatient with the process of ascension. It is quite funny how those who dreamed of this for more lifetimes than they could count are now so impatient! I also understand that those wise and brave souls labor under the force of time; that is so unnatural to their awakened state. It is time only that brings forth such aggravation and no fault lies with the beloved souls who must wait.

I offer reassurance that all is well. The complexity of a process of ascension is truly beyond the grasp of the mind. By way of an explanation designed to bring comfort, I will remind these beloved souls that the changes affect not only the earth, but also all elements of the created universe in which the earth lives. This universe is vast and complex, designed to cooperate and coordinate, therefore, any change in any single component necessitates adjustment among all others and the changes required to transform an entire planet are very many in number and vary in intensity and scope. Each causes all to accept and adjust their function and form. So much has been done! So little remains! All is well. The outcome is both certain and fixed.

The earth returns to the garden that she once was and all of her universe and all that exists are uplifted by this process. It is so. When it is complete, those who struggled to wait will laugh heartily at their own impatience.

It was none but themselves who chose to assist this grand transition. When this choice is recalled, all will hold great joy around the whole of the process, including the waiting, for it was their choice to save a world. It will certainly prove to be worth the efforts each have made and certainly worth the wait. Blessed are all who chose this grand service.

Isahal, August 25, 2017