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Private Readings
​I now offer private channels to help you communicate with your guides, angels,  and teachers. I work by automatic writing, so you will receive a written channel. Every word is important just as it is received, allowing you your own interpretation of the meaning now and in the future. Please know that I am a medium, not a psychic. If you are looking for lost keys, please keep looking. Your guides hold a universal perspective and speak lovingly to your soul. I will need to know your name and the month and year of your birth (if you feel like sharing this) as well as your Email address. If you have a topic of specific interest, please let me know. Otherwise, spirit generally speaks to what it feels is most important for you to know at this time.
COST: $300.00 U.S.D., a reduced cost, payable when channel is complete.    
Channeled Wisdom Services

What if you felt loved, embraced, and perfect just as you are in every minute of every day?

What if you remembered that spirit wants you to have not only all that you need, but all that you want (including joy) in your life?

What if it was not just possible, but absolutely true, that you are connected to and a part of everyone and everything everywhere?

How would today and tomorrow be changed if you remembered that the contributions of your presence and your soul are ESSENTIAL to the workings of the world?

If you could glimpse, for a moment, the beauty and purpose of the soul of a loved one, a stranger, or an enemy – how would your own heart be enriched? Could you be moved past judgment or even past forgiveness? What if you could glimpse the beauty and purpose of your own soul?

What if you were aware of the full effects of acts of grace and kindness, no matter how small, on the lives of others and the status of the whole of the world?

What if you loved yourself as much as the divine loves you?

Blessings and Light, Marcella